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Spinal cord injury (SCI) can cause a loss of functioning, including mobility, sensation, or organ functioning.

The causes of spinal injuries in Tampa Bay include:

  • Traffic accidents on I-75
  • Slip and falls in Publix, Walmart, or another store
  • Theme park accidents, including Busch Gardens
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents involving beachgoers
  • Bicycle accidents in one of Tampa’s many bike lanes

When someone else causes a spinal injury, they and their insurance company should be responsible for covering all the losses that result. These include costly medical expenses, loss of working ability, pain and suffering, and permanent disabilities.

Obtaining full compensation for your spinal injury losses presents huge challenges, especially in the face of extensive losses. You need the right lawyer on your side who can stand up for your rights to complete financial recovery.

Effects of Spinal Cord Injury


Spinal cord injuries are life-changing. Your spinal cord consists of many nerves running down your spine connected to your brain stem. Damage to just one of those nerves can radiate pain to many different parts of your body. If you were in an accident and are experiencing numbness, tingling, shooting sensations, or headaches, you may have suffered a spinal cord injury.

Fractured vertebrae (VCFs) occur when the bony block or vertebral body in the spine collapses, leading to severe pain, deformity, and loss of height. These fractures more commonly occur in the thoracic spine (the middle portion of the spine), especially in the lower part.

A herniated disc gets pushed out of the annulus into the spinal canal through a tear or rupture. Discs that herniate might be in an early stage of degeneration. The spinal canal has limited space, which is inadequate for the spinal nerve and the displaced herniated disc fragment. Due to this displacement, the disc presses on spinal nerves, often producing severe pain.

Some additional injuries include:

  • Bulging Disc(s)
  • Pinched Nerve(s)
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolysis

The above injuries can hurt, but some spinal cord injuries are far worse. A complete spinal injury occurs when trauma severs the spinal cord, cutting off signals from the brain to the body below the injury location. This causes total paralysis, including the loss of sensation, movement, and other functioning.

Complete spinal cord injury victims might:

  • Suffer paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Lose bladder and bowel functioning
  • Lose sexual functioning
  • Rely on a wheelchair to move around
  • Suffer muscle atrophy
  • Lose respiratory functioning (for high spinal cord injuries)

Victims of complete spinal cord injuries cannot walk, and they might suffer bed sores and other complications due to being wheelchair or bed-bound. Individuals living with spinal injuries need ongoing medical care, therapy, and possible psychological treatment due to the devastating nature of their injury.

The costs of living with paralysis from a spinal injury can easily rise into millions of dollars quite quickly. You must recover financially for all past and future losses to ensure your future quality of life. Our dedicated Tampa Bay spinal injury attorneys can help and will fight for all you deserve.

Investigating Spinal Cord Injury Accidents

You cannot point fingers at someone and have them cover your losses. Instead, you need to provide proof of liability for your spinal cord injury and the losses you incurred or will incur.

Evaluating all the facts of spinal cord injury requires skill and experience. Our office will meticulously investigate your accident. The insurance companies commonly try to share the fault for an accident between parties, blaming the victim for some of the fault. We know how to challenge assertions that you were partially to blame to maximize your compensation.

Our experienced spinal cord injury accident attorneys carefully investigate every case to effectively prove negligence and fault.

This process includes:

  • Requesting and viewing police reports
  • Reviewing and discussing your medical records
  • Obtaining witness statements
  • Examining the accident site and damage

We carefully review and apply our investigated data from your accident to best represent your spinal cord injury and pursue the maximum recovery amount for your injuries.

Types of Spinal Cord Damages:

  • Bulging Disc(s)
  • Pinched Nerve(s)
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolysis

Spinal Cord Injury Damages

Spinal cord injuries leave victims in a troublesome situation – they are in pain and commonly without the ability to walk or work following the accident. With increasing medical expenses and potentially lost income, spinal injuries can quickly create a stressful situation.

Some common damages include:

  • Medical costs = Treatment plans may include several medical providers specializing in spinal injuries, expensive procedures or surgery, medical equipment, home health care, etc.
  • Lost income = Many spinal injury victims are out of work for some time, or they might not ever return to their previous jobs – or any job at all.
  • Pain and suffering = Spinal injuries come with serious physical pain, as well as emotional suffering due to the effects and limitations of the injury on a person’s life.
  • Permanent disability = Spinal injury victims with permanent paralysis or other limitations can recover compensation for these impairments.

A patient’s priority should be on their recovery following spinal cord injuries, and cost should never prevent someone from receiving the treatment they need. Our attorneys will do everything necessary to obtain compensation for your losses so you do not have financial concerns in the future, as well.

We Fight For You

Insurance carriers scrutinize how an accident occurred and attempt to diminish your injuries. After reporting the accident to open a claim, an insurance company will likely request a recorded statement to discuss the details of your accident and injuries.

Insurance companies may attempt to use a recorded statement against you. Sometimes adjusters will try to trip you up so that you may say something that calls your injury’s severity into question. With our Tampa Bay spinal injury lawyers handling all communications with insurers, you know you have protection from any tricky questions or poor practices.

Our skilled spinal cord injury accident attorneys at Lucas, Macyszyn, & Dyer Injury Firm are there for you every step of the way after your accident. Our team can help coordinate the medical care and transportation you need. While you try to restore your regular life, we will fight for the best financial recovery possible for your case.


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Florida Board Certification is a volunteer program recognition of specialist or expert based upon the attorney’s experience requiring:

  • The practice of law for at least five years;
  • Substantial involvement in the specialty of civil trial law—50 percent or more—during the three years immediately preceding application;
  • Handling of at least 15 contested civil cases, including cases before juries as lead counsel and as the trier of fact on some or all of the issues;
  • 50 hours of approved civil trial law certification continuing legal education in the three years immediately preceding application;
  • Peer review; and,
  • A written examination.

With our board-certified attorneys on your side, you can trust you have the necessary protection of your legal rights.

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Tampa Bay Spinal Cord Injury FAQs

  • What to do after a spinal injury?

    Often, someone with a suspected spinal injury should not move without the help of medical professionals. You likely need emergency transportation and admission to the hospital. Follow all doctor’s orders and do not forgo any necessary treatment. Once your condition is stable enough, consult with our Tampa Bay spinal cord injury lawyers about a possible legal case.

  • Can I afford a spinal injury lawyer?

    With medical bills and other financial losses, you might assume you cannot afford to hire an attorney. However, our firm takes cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay nothing for us to represent you, and we only receive fees if we obtain compensation for you. You never pay anything out of pocket, so anyone can afford to seek our legal services.

  • How much is my Tampa Bay spinal injury claim worth?

    We cannot tell you how much a claim is worth without reviewing all the details of your case. We can tell you what we recovered for clients in similar situations, and we can calculate your specific losses. For more information about our past case results and how much you might expect for your spinal injury, reach out for a consultation.