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A Spring Hill car accident can leave the victims reeling. What should you do immediately after a car accident to protect yourself? How should you manage the often enormous medical bills that you incur due to your accident? Contacting a Spring Hill car accident attorney is the first vital step in protecting yourself following a car accident. An experienced car accident attorney can help you learn more about your right to seek compensation from the person who caused the accident.

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Lucas, Macyszyn & Dyer Law Firm: Helping Spring Hill Car Accident Victims Recover Compensation

Big insurance companies often seem in control following a Spring Hill car accident. You may find yourself struggling to pay your medical bills or manage your regular expenses if you cannot return to work. You know that you deserve compensation for your injuries, but you have no idea how much compensation you should expect or how to maximize it as much as possible.

Lucas, Macyszyn & Dyer Law Firm can help you. By working with a personal injury attorney from our firm, you gain an ally, advocate, and a dedicated legal team to support you through the recovery process following your car crash. Our car accident attorneys have developed a reputation for excellence throughout the communities we serve, and we’re pleased to offer those benefits to you.

Personalized Attention for You

At  Lucas, Macyszyn & Dyer Law Firm, we know that every client has a unique story to tell after a car accident. Your injuries have a very personal effect on your life, and the compensation you deserve for those injuries is unique to your situation. We put the “personal” back in personal injury claims following serious car accidents in Spring Hill. Our attorneys will listen to your story, evaluate your claim, and help break down the compensation that you, specifically, deserve as a result of the challenges you face in the aftermath of your accident.

Investigating Your Car Accident Claim

If you choose to work with us, we will fully investigate all the elements of your accident, from the driver who caused your accident to other factors that may have contributed. Often, we can identify more than one liable party in a serious Spring Hill car accident, which may increase the compensation you ultimately recover for your injuries in a personal injury claim.

Fighting Big Insurance Companies on Our Clients’ Behalf

Many insurance companies make life difficult for the victims of serious car accidents. Instead of offering the compensation those victims deserve for serious injuries, the insurance company will often pressure victims to accept settlement offers that don’t fully compensate the victim for their injuries and losses.

To reduce the compensation they have to pay out to injury victims, insurance companies:

  • Deny that the victim’s injuries occurred during the accident;
  • Try to prove that the victim caused the accident; and/or
  • Claim that the victim did not need some of the treatments they received for their injuries.

At Lucas, Macyszyn & Dyer Law Firm, we know the tactics often used by big insurance companies and how to fight them. We work aggressively on our clients’ behalf to help them maximize the compensation they can recover for their injuries as much as possible.

Hazards That May Increase Spring Hill Car Accidents

As a relatively small community, Spring Hill has relatively little traffic. Unfortunately, that does not eliminate the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Spring Hill does have several potential challenges that can increase the risk of serious car crashes.

Distracted Drivers

Driving while distracted can pose serious problems, not only for the distracted driver but for everyone around them. Distracted driving includes engaging in any task that takes the victim’s hands, eyes, or attention away from the road. Ideally, drivers should keep their full focus on the task at hand when driving. Unfortunately, many drivers choose to use cell phones or eat and drink behind the wheel. Those distractions can cause the driver to lose track of what is happening around them, making it more likely that they will cause an accident.

Aggressive Driving

Many Spring Hill residents commute to Tampa for work each day, which can mean a long drive. Unfortunately, those long drives can increase driver frustration and, in many cases, aggression. Aggressive drivers may weave in and out of traffic or slam on their brakes abruptly. Other drivers may have a hard time predicting the behavior of aggressive drivers, which may increase the likelihood of a serious collision.


Spring Hill’s many activities, like our underwater mermaid show, incredible water parks, and plenty of sightseeing opportunities, draw tourists each year. While tourists bring much-needed revenue to the area, they can also pose a hazard: they do not know the area, and so are at a higher risk of engaging in dangerous behavior on the road.

Tourists may prove more likely to speed, drink and drive, or engage in aggressive driving behaviors. They may drive unfamiliar rental vehicles, or GPS devices may distract them because they don’t know their way around. All these factors can add up to greater accident risk for many drivers.

Weather Hazards

Spring Hill sees an estimated 53 inches of rainfall each year, much of it in the form of storms that seem to drop buckets of water on unsuspecting drivers. During hurricane season, in particular, Spring Hill often sees heavy rainfall and dangerous weather conditions. Heavy rainfall poses two major challenges. First, it makes it difficult for drivers to see. Second, it can make the roads slick or cause vehicles, particularly lighter-weight cars, to hydroplane. When drivers cannot get off the roads during heavy rainfall, they face a greater overall accident risk.

Ignoring Traffic Signals

Traffic signals exist to carefully direct traffic and increase the odds that everyone will reach their destinations safely. However, some drivers choose to disregard traffic signals to get to their destinations faster. Sometimes, they are distracted and miss an upcoming intersection. Other times, they blatantly ignore them. Failing to yield, ignoring stop signs, and failing to follow local traffic patterns can result in severe accidents.

Spring Hill Car Accident Injuries: The Damage They Cause

Spring Hill residents who have sustained severe injuries in a car accident may experience long-lasting effects. These effects are often both physical limitations and emotional distress caused by the trauma of the accident and resulting injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can cause disruptive changes in a victim’s life. While some victims with traumatic brain injury suffer relatively minor consequences, others find that the injury impacts their ability to focus, concentrate, or take care of normal daily tasks. They may lose track of what they intend to do by simply walking through a room or trying to answer a question. Traumatic brain injury victims may recover with time, but others never recover fully. Even a mild traumatic brain injury may cause some symptoms more than a year after the initial accident, complicating the victim’s life for a long time.

Back and Neck Injuries

Car accidents in Spring Hill often cause back and neck injuries. During a car accident, the back and neck take a great deal of force, which may result in severe injuries. Back and neck injuries can include spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, and whiplash, as well as muscle damage. Many victims find that back pain makes both standing and sitting difficult. They may have a hard time taking care of their usual work tasks or engaging in their preferred leisure activities.


Amputations can occur as a result of the force associated with a serious car accident. Amputees may struggle to learn how to cope with the loss of a limb. In addition, a prosthetic device may impose substantial financial strain on the victim, since prosthetics often require frequent replacement to keep them safe and fully operational.

Broken Bones

Many car accidents result in serious broken bones. Broken bones can result in large medical bills, especially if the victim needs surgery and physical therapy to increase the odds of a full recovery. During the healing process, broken bones can also interfere with a victim’s independence, ability to work, or usual leisure activities.

Severe Lacerations

Broken glass and twisted metal from a car accident can result in severe lacerations for some car accident victims. Sometimes, severe lacerations require plastic surgery to restore the victim’s normal appearance. Victims sometimes find themselves dealing with immense emotional trauma related to scars, especially if they occur on the face.

Wrongful Death

Tragically, many auto accidents result in fatal injuries. If a loved one tragically loses their life in a motor vehicle crash, our lawyers can help you determine your legal options, including pursuing compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. Our personal injury attorneys are trained to handle cases such as these with the utmost care and sensitivity while fighting relentlessly for your family’s future.

Our experienced car accident attorneys understand the gravity of these injuries and realize the severe limitations that they can place on you. In the case of catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, these can come in the form of immeasurable losses. We’re dedicated to helping survivors of car accident cases overcome the challenges presented in their aftermath. We work with medical experts and your healthcare providers to determine exactly what happened in your accident following a serious injury.

The Compensation You May Recover Following a Spring Hill Car Accident

For many Spring Hill car accident victims, personal injury compensation can prove critical for paying their medical bills and managing their expenses following the accident. How much should you expect? The answer is unique to each accident, and financial recovery is not guaranteed. Some of the questions your attorney will need to answer to figure out how much compensation you can expect to recover are discussed below.

Who caused your Spring Hill car accident?

Most drivers carry auto insurance that provides compensation to accident victims if that driver was at fault in an accident. Insurance coverage, however, usually has clear limits. At Lucas, Macyszyn & Dyer Law Firm, your Spring Hill Car Accident Lawyer will carefully examine the liable driver’s auto insurance policy, as well as the insurance policies that cover any other entities that may share liability for the accident, to break down the compensation you may have the right to recover. Furthermore, we meticulously investigate the factors that led up to the event, gathering details from the accident scene, witnesses, and tangible evidence to support your expenses.

What injuries did you suffer in the accident?

Generally, the more severe a victim’s injuries, the greater the medical costs that the victim will face when recovering from a serious Spring Hill car accident. Talk to your attorney about the injuries you suffered, the limitations they have imposed on your life, and the medical costs you have faced as you recovered from your injuries. You can include any medical expenses related to your accident as part of your car accident claim.

Did you have to miss work because of your injuries?

After your medical costs, lost wages may be the largest financial loss you face because of a car accident. As part of your Spring Hill car accident claim, you may have the right to include compensation for any work you missed following your accident.

In addition to those tangible financial losses, most car accident claims also include compensation for pain and suffering. Consult an attorney to learn more about how to include compensation for emotional distress and suffering as part of your claim.

How to Identify the Liable Party After a Spring Hill Auto Accident

The police report from the scene of your accident may clearly state who caused your car accident. Factors such as intoxication, careless or reckless driving, or the violation of clear traffic laws may be enough to demonstrate liability in many traffic accidents.

In some cases, however, an attorney may identify additional factors that may have contributed to your motor vehicle accident, like:

  • A driver on the clock at the time of the accident, whose employer may share liability for the accident due to dangerous work policies.
  • A vehicle manufacturer sold a vehicle with serious mechanical issues that may have caused the accident.
  • A mechanic who recently worked on the vehicle and certified it as roadworthy, but failed to properly conduct repairs, which ultimately led to the accident.

An experienced Spring Hill car accident attorney can investigate all the factors that may have contributed to your accident and identify who may share liability for your accident and injuries.

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