Rideshare Safety

Taxi alternative transportation services have implemented multiple measures to help ensure our safety. Now it is time to do our part to reap the benefits of these added measures. When you are out of town and don’t want to rent a car, or maybe going out for the evening these transportation measures seem safe when riding with another passenger. But what if you are considering riding alone? It can be very dangerous to enter someone else’s vehicle. Follow these steps to help ensure you get to your destination safe:

•    Wait inside. You will receive an alert of your driver’s name and their vehicle’s make, model and color. After you receive confirmation that your vehicle has reached the pick-up point you should wait near the pick-up location.

•    Ask the driver confirmations. Who are they here to pick up? Where are they headed? If the driver cannot answer these questions, they may not be your driver or any driver at all.

•    Check the child safety lock. In rear seats, there are child safety locks (to avoid children opening the doors while the vehicle is in motion). You will want to make sure these are unlatched, should you need to exit promptly.

•    Wear your seat belt. As always when you are in a vehicle, seat belts help ensure your safety in case of an accident.

Always make sure you are connected to your driver through the app. Should you be in an accident, this will help include you on the policy for any damages sustained. Drivers are not employees of ride share companies, this connection will help claim coverage under their policy. Depending on the state the rideshare company is servicing, they could be held liable for not saving the data.

We wish you safe and happy travels, wherever you may be headed. Next time you get in a ride share remember to always act with caution… You are getting into a Stranger’s car.

Should you run into any unfortunate events while utilizing a ride share, please call our offices immediately, we’d be happy to help.