How Our Lawyers Handle Geico Injury Claims

Published On: January 30, 2024
Categories: Personal Injury Law

You may have to file a claim with Geico if you’re involved in an auto accident. While Geico may depict helpfulness in its TV commercials, you might not find the process so easy. That’s why getting legal help is important when you have to file a claim.

Our legal team of accident and Personal injury attorneys in Wesley Chapel knows how to negotiate Geico claims so you can get the compensation you deserve. Don’t worry! You don’t have to do everything alone. We know what tactics Geico uses to lower your payout. So, if you work with our lawyers, we can beat Geico at its own game.

To ensure you’re treated fairly, you can’t believe everything a Geico adjuster tells you. Just like other insurance companies, Geico is in the business of making a profit. So, if they pay you less, they also increase their profits.

Needless to say, that may not always be fair to you. Again, we understand insurance companies’ strategies to serve their best interests. Unfortunately, their best interests don’t always include you. That’s why insurance buyers need to make sure they find the best deals (including discounts) on what they’re obligated to pay for a policy.

Risks of Handling a Geico Insurance Claim for Injuries Alone

After your injuries and expenses, you may be considering handling your insurance claim on your own. While it may seem like a straightforward process, tackling a Geico insurance claim for injuries alone can come with several risks and challenges that may leave you at a disadvantage.

How Our Lawyers Handle Geico Injury Claims

One of the most significant risks of handling a Geico insurance claim for injuries on your own is the potential for undervaluation. Insurance companies like Geico have a strong financial incentive to settle claims for as little as possible. Without legal representation, you may not have a clear understanding of the full extent of your injuries or the potential long-term consequences. As a result, you may be more susceptible to accepting a settlement that doesn’t adequately cover your medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

Another risk you face when managing a Geico insurance claim alone is the lack of familiarity with the complex legal process. Insurance claims involve a series of intricate steps, including gathering evidence, filing paperwork, negotiating with the insurance company, and potentially taking your case to court. Without a thorough understanding of these procedures, you may inadvertently miss crucial deadlines or fail to provide compelling evidence to support your claim. This can weaken your case and hinder your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Furthermore, handling a Geico insurance claim for injuries alone means you’ll be dealing directly with insurance adjusters who are trained to protect the company’s interests. Insurance adjusters may employ various tactics to minimize their liability and reduce the amount they must pay out in claims. They may downplay the severity of your injuries, dispute liability, or pressure you into settling quickly. Without the guidance of an attorney, you may be more susceptible to these tactics and may have difficulty advocating for your rights effectively.

Remember, this is your life and your future. Don’t leave it to chance. Seek legal help from our personal injury attorneys before filing your Geico injury claim.

How Our Lawyers Will Negotiate Your Claim So You Can Receive More Money

Our injury attorneys can help maximize compensation from a Geico claim by employing several effective negotiation strategies:

  • Thoroughly investigate and document losses – Our lawyer will provide police reports, medical records, repair estimates, lost income documentation, etc., to validate all accident-related expenses and damages. Strong documentation builds leverage.
  • Assessing liability scenarios – Our lawyer considers the fault of both parties in the accident and how different scenarios impact the claim’s value based on comparable cases. Strong liability arguments extract higher settlements.
  • Hiring experts to verify injuries/damages – Independent expert assessments substantiate a client’s injuries and treatment needs. Expert legal opinions often pressure insurers to settle a claim more fairly.
  • Initiating litigation, if needed – By filing a lawsuit, our lawyer demonstrates a willingness to go to trial. The time and costs make insurers more likely to settle out of court.
  • Negotiating demand packages – Our lawyer presents a settlement demand package supported by documentation of all losses and justification for your legal and financial position. Reasonable packages receive fair offers.
  • Holding firm on bottom lines – Our lawyer refuses to settle too low by sticking to the lowest acceptable settlement. They are fully prepared to follow through with a lawsuit if needed.

Ultimately, a combination of meticulous preparation, astute negotiation strategies, and a willingness to pursue litigation compels insurers like Geico to offer top-dollar settlements on valid injury claims.

How Our Lawyers Can Increase What You Receive

Get In Touch With Our Legal Firm

Hiring a personal injury attorney can potentially increase your insurance claim settlement significantly – often 30 percent to 50 percent or more compared to trying to negotiate a settlement yourself. Below are key reasons why an experienced attorney can typically extract greater compensation:

  • A thorough investigation – An attorney will gather additional evidence and witness statements and employ experts that substantiate the true extent of losses – things that an individual may not have the knowledge or resources to compile independently.
  • An objective valuation – An attorney has a more objective, legally supported methodology for calculating the potential value of a claim – based on prior case outcomes and settlement data. They will use this approach over emotion or guesswork.
  • Litigation leverage – An attorney’s demonstrated willingness to take the case to court carries a great deal of weight and, more importantly, a threat – something an insurance company does not want to face. This encourages them to settle rather than deal with the uncertainties of a trial.
  • Negotiation skills – Personal injury attorneys are seasoned professionals. They cover the management of demand packages and legal technicalities and ultimately employ the strategies that individual claimants lack.

The Lawyer’s Fee

While an attorney will take 30 to 40 percent of a settlement as their fee, their skills and efforts also lead to larger claim values. Legal representation makes it possible for you to realize a settlement at least 50 percent higher.

Gaining More Insight into Geico’s Claims Process

Gaining insight into how Geico handles claims is critical when seeking the compensation that’s rightfully yours.

As noted, once you report an accident to Geico, they will assign an adjuster to handle your claim. The adjuster is tasked with investigating the specifics of your accident to determine fault and to assess damages.

Interacting with Your Adjuster

When you get an attorney’s help, they will provide specific information to your adjuster. This information includes a detailed account of the incident, photographs of the vehicles involved, and any injuries sustained, as well as a relevant police report and copies of medical records.

Your attorney will ask that you exercise caution in communications, including admitting to fault or giving recorded statements. You should get legal advice first. Anything you say can potentially be used against you to deny or minimize your claim.

Assessing Your Injuries and Vehicle Damage

Your adjuster will collaborate with professionals to evaluate the extent of your injuries. They will work with reputable vehicle repair shops to estimate the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Don’t be surprised if Geico’s initial offer is lower than expected. Your attorney will likely need to engage in negotiation.

Engaging in Fair Settlement Negotiations

This is where our team of injury lawyers comes into play. We are well-versed in confronting insurance companies like Geico and advocating equitable compensation.

We aim to determine a fair settlement amount for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering vehicle repairs, or the overall value of a totaled vehicle.

Subsequently, we will work diligently towards negotiating a settlement that fully aligns with what you deserve and expect so that you can focus on getting better.

Resorting to Litigation, if Required

Geico’s proven track record of successes inside and outside of court proves that they have no hesitation about using certain strategies to reduce payouts. They have access to specific resources that give them an advantage.

If Geico refuses to offer a reasonable settlement, we are prepared to take your case to a court of law and present it.

How Our Geico Lawyers Move the Claims Process Forward

Claims Process

Below are strategies used by our lawyers to move the claims process forward so you can receive the money you need:

  1. We can talk to the insurance company, and they’ll offer a prompt partial payment to cover urgent bills like medical costs and vehicle repairs.
  2. We can encourage simpler resolutions when the damages and liabilities are presented clearly and unequivocally.
  3. We can show the costs if settlement negotiations take too long.
  4. We can propose a fair settlement based on actual losses within the policy’s limits.

Taking the above approaches, we can reach a fair claim resolution without worrying about denial or delays.

Our ultimate goal is to alleviate your stress and take the necessary steps to secure the money you need.

3 Reasons Why Geico Tends to Underestimate Injury Claims

Geico has gained notoriety for undervaluing injury claims, and below are some reasons why;

They strive to minimize payouts

Like any insurance company, Geico seeks to maximize profits, so they often attempt to settle claims at lower amounts. So, they may offer a low settlement from the start.

They rely on the fact that claimants frequently accept their offers

Many individuals underestimate the value of their claim and accept the initial offer, assuming it is the best they can obtain. Geico takes advantage of this situation, knowing that most claims can be settled for less than their value.

They possess the resources for challenging claims

Geico employs adjusters and defense attorneys specializing in disputing liability issues and questioning the severity of injuries.

For example, they might argue that you bear some responsibility for the accident or that your injuries aren’t worth much in terms of compensation. Don’t let that intimidate you.

Their strategy may be to delay or deny claims to frustrate people who need immediate compensation.

Geico frequently denies claims from the start or prolongs the process as much as possible. Naturally, as stated, their goal is to persuade claimants to give up their claims or to settle for less. Stay patient and persist.

Ultimately, Geico will do whatever it can to pay as little as possible for your claim. However, when you have a car accident lawyer on your side, you can turn the tables to your advantage. Your attorney knows how to counter Geico’s tactics and will fight for reasonable compensation.

Our Geico legal team possesses the resources and experience to challenge Geico’s arguments, contest unfair offers, and even take the claim to court if required. With a legal team by your side, winning against Geico is possible.

Get In Touch With Our Legal Firm to Handle Your Geico Claim

Attempting to handle an injury claim against Geico alone is not advisable. Their adjusters are skilled at minimizing payouts. They have teams of lawyers prepared to oppose you.

Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys are familiar with Geico’s schemes. Again, we can effectively counter their tricks to secure maximum compensation for your claim.

Our law firm has a history of successfully handling injury cases against Geico over a long time. We have gained insights into how Geico evaluates claims and are well aware of the vulnerabilities they exploit when they authorize settlements.

In addition, our team handles all communications with Geico’s adjusters so that you don’t have to deal with any bullying Methods they might employ.

With this approach, we can build a strong case that demands compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, or long-lasting injuries and rehab.

Injury lawyer Christopher C. Dyer
Wesley Chapel Personal Injury Lawyer, Christopher C. Dyer, Esq.

Many Geico cases are resolved outside of court through settlement negotiations. In this case, your lawyer can arrange alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or arbitration to get the money you need more quickly.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys for Your Geico Claim Today

It’s unwise to face a company like Geico without legal support. Let us take care of your rights while you focus on recovering.

Don’t confront Geico alone. Contact us today for a consultation so we can take the proper action. We will handle all the paperwork, calls, and negotiations for you.

While Geico certainly has the financial resources required for a successful defense, we possess an unwavering resolve to stand up against them so you can get the best settlement.