How Our Lawyers Handle an Allstate Injury Claim?

Published On: August 31, 2023
Categories: Legal Advice

Allstate is the fourth-largest auto insurance company in the United States, as measured by the value of premiums written. The company writes roughly $30 billion in car insurance premiums each year.

Like every insurance company, Allstate tries to keep as much of these premiums as possible. If you have suffered an injury in an accident and are filing a claim against Allstate insurance, you will learn the hard way that nobody is safe from their pursuit of profits. Allstate’s practices aim to keep you from getting your money, even if you have a legal right to it.

You will find that you often need to take on Allstate to have a chance of getting what you deserve from your claim. You stand very little chance of beating Allstate at their own game on your own. They have a long track record of saving money at claimant’s expense. The most effective thing you can do is retain an New Port Richey car accident lawyer to represent you from the start of your claim.

Now, Allstate is claiming that they are actually losing money in the auto insurance business. Thus, you can expect the company to fight even harder to save money on your claim. Allstate wants to return money to its shareholders, who expect to make money on their investments.

It Is Almost Always a Fight When Dealing with Allstate

You need to approach the claim process as if you are going up against Allstate because they will almost certainly turn it into an adversarial process. The one thing you can do to give you the best chance of winning is hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer in Florida to handle your case. Your attorney’s job is to stand up for you. If it means taking the fight to Allstate, that is what we are prepared to do.

Your lawyer will carefully strategize the best approach to present your claim to Allstate.

You have two options: a more informal claims process or the formal route of sending a demand letter. When you choose to go with the demand letter, it signals a serious and determined stance on your part.

Although it may take some time for Allstate to respond, they will recognize your assertiveness and commitment. The demand letter effectively communicates that you will not be easily swayed or underestimated.

You Need to Come Armed With Knowledge When Dealing with Allstate

Allstate is starting from a place where they have an information and experience advantage over you. They have actuaries, adjusters, and the latest up-to-the-minute information about the costs of claims by geographic location. Insurance companies are now starting to use artificial intelligence, which is only increasing their informational edge.

If you are working alone, you will not know how much your claim may be worth. An attorney can determine how much you can expect to receive information after they review the facts of your case.

Your lawyer will analyze your documentation and may work with experts to determine a dollar amount to seek in your claim. You must know how much you can get so that you can be on guard for the usual insurance company tactics.

What Allstate Must Pay You in a Car Accident Claim

Part of your lawyer’s job is to review any settlement offer to see how far below the value of your claim it is. The insurance company should break out its numbers, so your lawyer can compare them line-by-line with your numbers to see where the settlement offer is low.

Car Accident Claim

In a personal injury claim, you deserve the following as part of your settlement check:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional distress

Your lawyer will assemble the claim for submission to Allstate. You should have all your documentation when dealing with an insurance company. Allstate is looking for reasons to underpay or deny your claim. If your claim does not look persuasive or professional, Allstate will reject it entirely or offer you less money than your claim is worth.

How a Lawyer Helps You in the Allstate Claims Process

Your attorney will spend the time both investigating your case and documenting your claim. They know they are dealing with a company with a reputation for being difficult. Your lawyer knows that you need to present our claim with strong supporting evidence to have the best possible chance of success.

Your lawyer is here to let a huge company like Allstate know they cannot fatten their profits by pushing around the little guy. Your lawyer will stand up for you by negotiating your personal injury claim.

When Allstate makes a settlement offer, you are under no obligation to say yes and take what they give you. That is why it is called an offer. The second part of that process is acceptance, which is within your power to give or withhold.

Why Allstate Makes You Low Settlement Offers

You can and should say no if the settlement offer is lower than your claim is actually worth. In most cases, the initial settlement offer will be far less than you deserve. Allstate just wants to get the settlement process started, as opposed to wanting to seriously make an effort to settle your claim right off the bat.

They have several motivations for making you a low initial settlement offer:

  • Allstate wants to catch you unaware of the actual value of your claim and see if you will accept a low offer.
  • The insurance company wants to at least start the process, so they cannot be accused of unreasonably delaying your claim.
  • Allstate wants to drag out the process to make you desperate and willing to accept less money as time passes.

In many cases, it will take several months to get the insurance company to make an offer closer to the actual value of your claim. They will slowly raise their offer until it becomes more realistic.

It will take some time, and many proposals exchanged before you begin to hone in on a settlement. The insurance company hopes you will become tired and accept what they give you. When you have an experienced and uncompromising lawyer, the insurance company’s hopes will not become a reality.

A Lawyer Can Keep Allstate off Your Back

In addition, lawyers handle Allstate by keeping them from communicating with you directly. Allstate wants to catch you making a mistake, which will undercut your claim.

They will try to get you to make an admission that harms your case or contradicts your claims for damages. They aim to talk directly to you and trick you into saying things that can hurt your case. They know that you do not know how to handle an insurance company and may try to talk to you.

Your lawyers can keep Allstate at bay and ensure they only deal with you through your counsel. By ensuring that you do not speak directly with Allstate, your lawyer can ensure that you do not say or do anything that allows them to justify making a lower settlement offer.

How We Maximize Your Power When Dealing with Allstate

Experienced lawyers know that you have power in the claims process. After all, the insurance company is the one who owes you money because of the actions of their driver. You are the one who has the legal right to compensation. Our actions preserve and maximize your power in a personal injury case.

One thing working in your favor is the insurance company’s aversion to litigation. Depending on the complexity of your case, the insurance company may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend against your case in court. They need to pay an insurance defense firm or use their lawyers (which still costs them money in salary and benefits). For this reason, most car accident cases settle out of court. Allstate and other insurance companies know when they need to settle a case. Allstate is weighing its risks and its costs at all times.

Thus, Allstate should raise a low settlement offer over time. In the end, they know that it is not realistic to expect you to accept a low offer when you have an attorney who knows how much you deserve.

Allstate also knows you can take the case to court anytime. As soon as you file a lawsuit, Allstate needs a defense attorney. Therefore, the prospect of litigation can work in your favor. Our attorneys are known to be hard-hitting litigators who are not afraid to go to court. When we fight, you win.

If Allstate Refuses to Settle for a Fair Amount, You Can File a Lawsuit

If Allstate will not make a fair settlement offer, you must file a lawsuit to pursue the compensation you deserve. The role of an attorney during a trial is paramount and cannot be overstated.

In the courtroom, an experienced attorney becomes your most formidable ally, navigating the complexities of the legal process while tirelessly advocating for your rights and interests.

First and foremost, an attorney possesses a deep understanding of the law, enabling them to interpret intricate statutes, precedents, and regulations that can make or break your case. They possess the experience to identify legal strategies and precedents they can leverage to your advantage.

A skilled trial attorney is a master storyteller, weaving together the evidence and facts into a compelling narrative that will resonate with the judge and jury. Their ability to present your case persuasively can be the decisive factor in securing a favorable outcome.

Furthermore, an attorney’s familiarity with courtroom procedures ensures that your case adheres to proper legal protocols, preventing procedural missteps that can prove detrimental to your case.

Beyond their legal abilities, an attorney offers essential emotional support during what can be a highly distressing and overwhelming experience. Their presence instills confidence and reassurance, allowing you to focus on the trial without undue stress.

The representation of an attorney at trial is indispensable. From the initial stages of preparation to the final arguments, they act as your steadfast advocate, safeguarding your rights and striving relentlessly to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

You Are Not in Good Hands When Filing a Claim Against Allstate

You must treat the insurance company as an adversary, even if you are settling your claim. Allstate represents the other driver, who you will be suing if your case goes to court.

Even when you file a claim against your own uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, Allstate’s interests still oppose yours. Never trust an insurance company to do the right thing. They are a for-profit business, and their profits decrease when they have to pay you the full value of your claim.

Experienced lawyers understand they must protect your legal rights from companies like Allstate. They know if Allstate has its way, its adjusters will take advantage of you and not pay you what your claim is worth. Only when you cannot receive a fair settlement offer will you realize that Allstate is not on your side.

They try to get you to sign away your legal rights for less than you deserve. If you make this mistake, you cannot return and get money when you realize you do not have enough.

Thus, we take a challenging but pragmatic approach to your case. Lawyers will tell you that they fight for you. However, fighting just for the sake of fighting makes little strategic sense. When a lawyer fights, they will strategize how to best maximize your financial recovery. In other words, it is not always smart to start swinging right out of the gate. Negotiations do not have to begin in a contentious manner.

There may come a time when your lawyer needs to apply pressure on Allstate. The company has seen and been through it since its founding in 1931. They know when you have leverage and when you do not. Our lawyers know how to harness your power to use it when necessary.

The best possible result is getting all the money you deserve from your claim. However, it will take work that a lawyer must do to get the best result in your case.