Help Us End Distracted Driving

Published On: April 13, 2017

 April is National End Distracted Driving Month

The Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine are taking a stand to help end distracted driving. Our attorneys feel personally called to join the efforts started by the Casey Feldman Foundation. The firm was recently approved and is eager to share the End Distracted Driving Presentation with local high school students through assemblies and classroom presentations. As parents and residents of the cities we work in, we are honored to be able to share this time and connect within the communities we serve.

When hearing about “distracted driving” you may be quick to think of teens behind the wheel, but here’s a surprise, younger drivers are not necessarily the most or only distracted drivers on the road. It’s true! Although they have the least amount of driving experience, they do not usually have the same daily commute and distractions as more experienced drivers.  In return, they can develop less bad habits than adults.  As a community, rather than hounding young drivers as they join us on the road, we prefer to educate and acknowledge the fresh perspective they each have. We are pursuing this unique opportunity as a chance to help change the dangerous driving situation our country is currently faced with, and to gain the young driver’s support in recognizing the distractions and modifying the behaviors associated therewith.

Local high schools (who have approved the End Distracted Driving presentation) welcome us to present information to acknowledge this growing epidemic. Thousands of lives can be saved this year alone by raising awareness about these preventable tragedies. Our primary focus is to help enlighten young students of their chance to make a difference now.  It’s as simple as offering to drive if a friend feels sending a text is so important, or even tell their parent “rather than typing that email on your phone now, I’m here in the car let me help.”

We could not think of a better time, especially with prom and summer break right around the corner, to present the distracted driving facts and statistics to high school students.  We are eager to head back to class hoping to make an impact for our community starting with tomorrow’s society. If you know any teachers or education professionals in the Pinellas, Pasco, or Hernando County schools please share this article with them. We’d love to visit their school and help share our presentation with their students. If you personally think a presentation like this could be valuable for your workplace, please contact us as well. We have a presentation we would love to share with you and your colleges.

For more information contact our Marketing & Communications Specialist, Britney Morris. She can be reached via email at or telephonically at (727) 849-5353.