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Have you been served with a summons from a “Junk Debt Buyer” related to a credit card that you allegedly did not pay? Specifically, “Junk Debt Buyers” buy debts that have been charged off by the original creditor for pennies on the dollar. The most common debt buyers who file lawsuits in Florida are Midland Funding LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, LVNV Funding, and Cavalry SPV.

The worst thing that you can do if you are sued by one of these companies is to ignore the lawsuit. That is precisely what they want you to do because they will win by default and get a default final judgment against you. Once a creditor obtains a default final judgment against you, that is something that will follow you around for years while it continues to accrue interest at the statutory rate.

What should you do if you get sued by any of the businesses mentioned on this page?  Call debt defense attorney David J. Miller, and we may be able to eliminate your debt.

Our firm helps consumers as they deal with past-due bills and lawsuits that always seem to arise at the worst possible times. Whether we litigate on your behalf to defeat the lawsuit or negotiate to reduce the outstanding balance, please know that you have options and do not need to handle this on your own.

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