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09, 2018

No Pics, No Proof

Have you ever had a friend ask “no pics, no proof?” Today people ask for pictures to justify it really did happen. With a camera in your pocket or purse, it has never been easier to document day to day life. Pictures quickly increase the validity of your claim. Details [...]

08, 2018

Do I really need to tell my attorney everything?

Once you retain an attorney to represent you after an automobile accident you may be worried about what to share with them both about the accident and about previous circumstances. You may even feel tempted to hold back information from your attorney but is imperative that you fight that urge. [...]

07, 2018

Do I really need to see a doctor after my accident?

Everyone knows the familiar sounds and lights of ambulance, police and firefighters surrounding an accident, but not everyone involved in an accident seeks medical evaluation and treatment after the accident. Medical treatment should not be limited to only the most severe automobile accidents. It is actually recommended that anyone involved [...]

07, 2018

Summer Safety on the Water

Summer Safety on the Water Article by Attorney Clementine Conde Summertime in Florida is a great time to hit the water and have some fun! In the Tampa Bay area, we are fortunate to have so many beautiful areas to explore on the water however we must always be cautious [...]

07, 2018

Can I afford to hire an attorney after my automobile accident?

Can I afford to hire an attorney after my automobile accident? Written by attorney Harmony J. Widman If you are in an automobile accident and you speak to the insurance adjuster before hiring an attorney, they will most likely try to convince you not to hire an attorney. One of [...]

06, 2018

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Written by Attorney Harmony J. Widman Types of Distracted Driving There are three types of distracted driving and each one is a negligent behavior that contributes to the nearly 3000 deaths associated with distracted driving each year. Visual Distractions Visual distractions are those distractions that cause your eyes [...]

06, 2018

Jeff Lucas Bio Video

Learn more about managing partner Jeff Lucas here.

05, 2018

Injunctions Against Repeat Violence/Domestic Violence/Stalking (Cyber)

Injunctions Against Repeat Violence/Domestic Violence/Stalking (Cyber) Article By Attorney Clementine Conde The rise of filings of civil injunctions has grown dramatically within the last decade thanks to social media. The granting of such an injunction even for a short period of time can have serious repercussions to the Respondent. Such [...]

03, 2018

Can I expunge or seal my record?

Can I expunge or seal my record? Article By Attorney Clementine Conde Do you qualify for an Expungement? An arrest record can deny a person employment, housing, volunteer opportunities as well as create a stigma to citizens unfortunate enough to have been arrested. Florida Statute 943.053 makes adult criminal history [...]

10, 2017

October Operation Helping Hand Dinner

The Law Offices of Lucas Magazine host October Operation Helping Hand Dinner Operation Helping Hand – Tampa Chapter was formed in the spring of 2004 to provide assistance and support for the families of the active duty wounded and injured. The third Thursday of every month there is a dinner [...]

08, 2017

Terrific All The Way Through

Terrific all the way through Not often will someone use the explanation of “terrific all the way through” for their personal injury experience. The legal process which follows an accident can be a very difficult and confusing experience. Many times legal representation is sought as a result of the rush [...]

08, 2017

Client testimonial: “Respectful and Caring”

 The Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine are respectful and caring At the Law Offices of Lucas|Magazine we pride ourselves on personally representing you for your Personal Injury matter. In our latest client review we are referred to as respectful and caring. We treat each client with respect, asking what is new [...]