7 Tips to Share Road with Motorcycles

Published On: May 15, 2021

In 2017, it was estimated that deaths on motorcycles have more than doubled since 1997. In fact, 5,172 motorcyclists were killed in 2017 according to the National Safety Council. In recognition of these facts, May has been designated as National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars as motorcycles lack the physical protection of a car and are often less stable and less visible than cars.

Here are 7 things you can do to help keep motorcycle drivers safe:

1.Check your blind spots

Motorcycles and their drivers are smaller than the typical cars and hard to see when merging or changing lanes. In addition, motorcycles tend to blend into other images more easily than cars. Take extra time when merging or changing lanes to check your blind spots.

2. Remember motorcycles react more quickly than cars

Ensure that you maintain a decent following distance behind motorcycles. Rear-end collisions for motorcycles can be fatal to the rider.

3. Stay in your lane

Legally motorcycles are entitled to their own lane. Do not share a lane with a motorcycle.

4. Use your turn signal

When you know there is a motorcycle behind you, initiate your turn signal sooner than you normally would to reduce pile-ups involving motorcycles.

5. Pay extra attention in intersections

Many automobile accidents involving cars and motorcycles occur at intersections. Always follow safety protocols, traffic signs and signals and proceed carefully through intersections.

6. Watch for turning motorcycles

Many motorcycles on the road today do not have self-cancelling turn signals. If you are traveling behind a motorcycle with an activated turn signal for an extended distance, increase your following distance to ensure you have enough time to react when the motorcycle turns.

7. Be extra cautious when passing

Passing a motorcycle is legal, however, it presents extra dangers for the motorcycle driver. As your car passes the motorcycle, the increased speed can cause a gust of wind which could blow the motorcycle driver off of the road. When passing a motorcycle always use your turn signals and move several car lengths ahead of the motorcycle before returning to the same lane.

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